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TidalFlow Power limited
About Us.
TidalFlow Power Ltd is developing designs for the generation  of electricity from tidal and river streams based on the principle of the patented ‘Hunter’ turbine .

The total UK resource if the best locations with fast-running currents were utilized is estimated [1] to be 18 TWh in the year, for which about 6 GW of installed capacity would be required. The best locations are shown on the map. However, if all possibilities were exploited, 94 TWh in the year is estimated [2].

In August 2004 the DTI announced the setting up of the Marine Renewables Deployment Fund (MRDF) with a budget of £50M. The demand for this fund has been limited by the stipulation that a full-scale model must have already been operating for three months. Only one design of tidal turbine was operating at truly full-scale in July 2009, and a further £22M was allocated for development of other concepts. There is thus recognition that there is scope for other, potentially cheaper, designs.

The ‘Hunter’ vertical-axis turbine is one such design. Whether deployed from a floating structure such as a barge or from a gantry or pylon, the vertical-axis feature allows the generating equipment to be above the surface of the water, thus simplifying both design and maintenance.

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